Anyone can be a musician

How we Teach

In La Maison, learning transcends notes and melodies to embrace an experience where curiosity, self-expression, and community intertwine. Every student, child or adult, is invited to explore the richness of music through an immersive pedagogy that awakens the senses, encourages creativity, and forges deep connections. We cultivate an environment where musical passion blossoms in a journey of discovery and expression.

Our Programs

Music Discovery (Ages 4-6)

For 4-6 year-olds, “Music Discovery” is your launch pad into the world of music. Over two years, this program turns play into learning, blending singing, body rhythms and instrument-making to awaken your child’s musical curiosity.

We emphasize the development of self-confidence and stress management, in an environment where feeling good is as important as learning solidly.

Become a Mestro (Before 14)

“Become a Maestro” is a six-year adventure for young people (the age limit for starting the program is 14), combining private piano lessons with a deep dive into musical culture.

From music theory made fun to the concrete experience of music through concerts and compositions, this program aims to train not only future musicians but also true music enthusiasts.

Learning through teaching builds their confidence and solidifies their knowledge in a welcoming atmosphere.

Adult Program (Ages 18 and over)

“Never Too Late” is our promise to adults that the door to music is always open, regardless of age. Over two years, with books designed in-house for adults and private piano lessons, we guide you towards musical independence.

Forget the idea that it’s too late to learn; here at La Maison, you’ll discover the pleasure of playing the pieces you love, supported by solid pedagogy, tangible results and a warm atmosphere.