The B Minor Chord On The Piano – Charts, Fingering & Inversions

B minor Chord piano diagram

The B Minor chord on the piano consists of the notes B, D, and F#, creating a melancholic and introspective sound, commonly found in classical and folk music.

How to play the B Minor Chord on the piano

B Minor Chord in root position

For the B Minor Chord in root position, the left hand should play the B note as the lowest note, typically with the pinky finger – D with the fiddle finger, and F# with the thumb. The right hand should play the B – D and F# notes, typically with the thumb, middle finger, and pinky finger respectively. Both hands should be positioned comfortably and relaxed on the piano keys.

B Minor Chord inversions

First Inversion

For B minor, from root (B-D-F#) to first inversion (D-F#-B), your thumb goes to D, the middle finger remains on F#, and your pinky stretches to the higher B.

Second Inversion

For B minor root (B-D-F#) to 2nd inversion (F#-B-D), thumb to F#, middle to B, pinky to D, adjust hand right.