The A Sharp Minor Chord On The Piano – Charts, Fingering & Inversions

A sharp minor Chord piano diagram

The A sharp Minor chord on the piano consists of the notes A#, C#, and E, creating a dark and melancholic sound that is commonly used in genres such as jazz and blues.

How to play the A sharp Minor Chord on the piano

A sharp Minor Chord in root position

For the left hand, the root note of the A sharp Minor Chord should be played with the pinky finger. The other two notes of the chord can be played with the middle finger and thumb. For the right hand, the thumb should play the root note, while the middle and pinky fingers can play the other two notes of the chord.

A sharp Minor Chord inversions

First Inversion

For A# minor, moving from root (A#-C#-F) to first inversion (C#-F-A#), your thumb shifts to C#, your middle finger stays on F, and your pinky extends to the higher A#.

Second Inversion

From A# minor root (A#-C#-F) to 2nd inversion (F-A#-C#), thumb moves to F, middle to A#, pinky to C#, with a small hand shift right.