The A Major Chord On The Piano – Charts, Fingering & Inversions

A major Chord piano diagram

The A Major Chord, consisting of the notes A, C#, and E, exudes a warm and uplifting sound that is commonly found in genres such as pop and rock music.

How to play the A Major Chord on the piano

A Major Chord in root position

A major chord root position piano diagram

For A major chord in root position, the hands should be positioned with the left hand playing the root note of the chord, typically in the bass clef, and the right hand playing the third and fifth notes of the chord, typically in the treble clef. The hands should be spaced apart with the left hand positioned lower on the keyboard and the right hand positioned higher.

A Major Chord inversions

First Inversion

A major chord 1st inversion piano diagram

To transition from the root position to the first inversion, just elevate the lowest note of the root position chord by one octave.

Second Inversion

A major chord 2nd inversion piano diagram

To move from the root position (A C# E) to the second inversion (E A C#), the A note should be moved up an octave.